Consumers, particularly younger ones, tend to rank sustainability high among their concerns, but that interest doesn’t always translate to their wallets. It’s important that sustainability is part of the sales conversation from the beginning.

Brandinc encourages clients to think about replacing non-recyclable with earth-friendly products, using less, disposing of less, thinking about giving back in some way. Good practices are more important now and where possible we engage in carbon off-setting programs such as wind farms, clean water initiatives and replanting forests.

More eco products are available within the promo marketplace so we are now seeing a positive shift for change. It’s getting easier to reinforce and support “ditch single use” initiatives to our clients. Thanks to renewable plant materials, we are seeing some game-changing innovation coming into play such as the dissolvable plastic bag or corn starch straws.

Recently Brandinc created an eco-friendly brand Love+Earth for our client Global Green, a not-for-profit environmental charity based in the US. The product line has a percentage of sustainable materials included such as bamboo, hemp, recycled materials, PET plastics, organic cotton and so on. While it’s not 100% sustainable, it’s an effort to offset and include the theme of sustainability into our client’s programs and activations.

For co-branding opportunities with Love+Earth or for some memorable eco product ideas, we’d love to start the conversation with you.