We believe in the power of branding and we know how to power up your brand equity and customer engagement.

We’re in the business of creating emotional capital through experiences.

You’ve booked a holiday with a travel company to an exotic destination you’ve been wanting to visit for a lifetime. You’ve received email confirmation of all details and paperwork. A few days later you receive by hand, a beautifully packaged box complete with a personalised card thanking you for your booking. Inside you find a stylish monogrammed leather travel wallet containing some top travel tips, a map and a list of important phone numbers. Even though your holiday is yet to begin and you have yet to fully experience the travel services you’ve invested in, positive impressions have already been cast, and you are more inclined to pass on the good word to your network.

At Brandinc we work to understand your brand’s DNA and strategically develop, design and produce creative promotional merchandise campaigns for your marketing mix, in order to establish and/or reinforce a positive image for your brand.

Let us help your customers build a stronger friendship with you and your brand.

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