Following the UK’s proposed plastic ban, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has just announced a similar plan of action to ban all harmful single-use plastics (straws, plates, cutlery, etc.) by as early as 2021.

This decision comes at a time where pollution and waste are at an all time high worldwide. Plastic waste is one of the greatest environmental challenges the world faces.

Measures are also being taken to reduce pollution from plastic products and packaging, and new standards are being introduced so that manufacturers of plastic products will be held accountable for their plastic waste.  

For our industry, this is a prime opportunity to communicate the value of promotional products from the perspective of reducing environmental impact.

With plastics now being banned, it will lead people to search for creative and innovative alternatives, which our industry is perfectly positioned to provide.

It will create a unified voice among brands, and kick-start a conscious movement that advocates renewable resources and reusable products.

If the UK and Canada can do it, so can the rest of the world! What are your thoughts?