Sitting at work thinking about your next trip? Whether it’s for business or leisure, this multifunctional smart travel carry-on is the ultimate accessory. No longer will you have to crowd around an airport power outlet waiting for your device to recharge. You can connect wirelessly to your smartphone via an app, so you can stay charged, tracked, locked, and underweight.

Some features include:

  • Charge & Track – Battery with 2 USB charging ports can charge your devices up to six times over. 3G + GPS tracking lets you locate your suitcase anywhere the world.
  • Weigh – Built-in scale in the suitcase’s handle allows you to weigh it through the app.
  • Lock – Remote digital lock means you can lock/unlock the suitcase using your phone.
  • Compact & Durable – Designed to meet international carry-on requirements, ideal for 2-3 day trips. Water-resistant polycarbonate exterior designed to withstand extensive travel.


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