The Cancer Institute NSW in association with Soap Creative Agency created ‘Pretty Shady’, a lifestyle brand encouraging young Australians to engage in positive action in the prevention of skin cancer, the most common cancer affecting this generation.


As part of a mixed media campaign, five high quality items that protect you from the sun were produced, reflecting a positive action towards the prevention of skin cancer – umbrella shade, clothing, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.  Five generational collaborators from the music, art, sporting and fashion sectors designed each of the products with the aim of engaging with the target market.


Brandinc produced 4 of the 5 products which needed to be highly durable and of exceptional retail quality.


Pretty Shady became part of the 2013 Summer trend popping up all over social media such as Facebook and Instagram, at music events, skate competitions and of course, the beach, where their message is vital.