With us, the first step in the product development process is a thorough analysis of your marketing objectives and your target audience. Then we research and identify the products that best fit your strategy.

Items can range from branded clothing or uniforms to functional promotional products and corporate gifts that are designed to be used and retained by recipients.

And if we can’t find an existing product that can be customised to meet your precise needs, we’ll design and manufacture it for you using our huge manufacturing capability in Hong Kong.

Need a premium personalized gift for your top clients?

A high-quality-golf range for a company incentive?

Or an eco friendly stationery kit for a conference or a trade show?


We’ve always been known for our innovative approach to product development. In 2008 we launched the UK’s first-ever range of CarbonZero-certified promotional clothing. It helped brands to demonstrate their environmental credentials when offering branded promotional clothing to consumers.

In our experience, consumers are most likely to value and keep a promotional product if it’s something with a high perceived value. Something that’s useful, aspirational and relevant to their needs, or serves as a treasured reminder of a special event.

We only propose products that are truly representative of your brand and are true to your brand values in terms of quality, style and ethics.