Create the ultimate brand presence with custom made uniforms and branded apparel.

  • Corporate and Workwear branded clothing
  • Hospitality and Bar uniforms
  • Travel Industry uniforms
  • Safety and Security uniforms
  • Retail-quality Event apparel 

What you wear matters to us. What your employees wear matters to them.

Brandinc specializes in manufacturing the highest quality, durable and wearable products which meet country and industry specific safety standards and certification where required.

With over 20 years of experience in producing uniforms for a broad range of business sectors, we’re experts in producing quick turnaround custom-designed uniforms.

We carefully consider your brief, your brand logo and colors, and any other important guidelines when designing your uniforms or corporate wear.

We’re fully accredited and stand by our ethical policies. We want you and your brand feeling the best at all times.

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